At Richardson’s we love to ‘show and tell’ new ideas, work styles and innovative space concepts and we’d love to hear from you if you suspect we may be able to help you or you’d just like to put us to the test!

Relocation Services

An opportunity for your business!

Moving to a new office is an exciting prospect for your business. This is your opportunity to:- Invest in business success, Maximise brand impact, Increase staff morale, Develop the potential of the business, Introduce smarter ways of working Update and integrate technology, De-clutter, Go greener, Improve space efficiency (and so save money)

Sooner rather than later!

Our clients tell us we provide exceptional support and innovation in terms of best use of their business spaces, Moving and expanding. In terms of workspace this might mean that long-intended storage audit or making sure you have enough power and data in the right place! Whether it’s a strategic re-plan of existing furniture into the new space or an alternative concept to help improve productivity, staff morale or corporate identity, Richardson’s can help. Hindsight shows us it’s never too early to be collectively discussing the interior elements such as furniture, workstation power and data integration and evolving work styles. Experience tells us the sooner the dialogue begins – the less compromise is required as the scheme unfolds.

How can we help?

Don’t be a fish out of water, Richardson’s is a commercial fit-out, furnishing and relocation specialist. Our core services include: Front end consultancy, including pre-move, Space performance analysis – existing and target locations Workflow, communication and occupancy profiling, Space planning and visualisation, Interior architecture, Fit-out and furniture, Audio visual systems integration, Storage systems – office to warehouse, Relocation and move management, Disposals and recycling with kg/CO2 off-set certification