Environmental Sustainibility

No ifs, buts or maybes!

At Richardson’s we have adopted an innovative approach to sustainability and the environment. We understand that there are no ifs, buts or maybes when it comes to environment.

We believe in looking after our world, not just for our future but for everybody’s future.

It’s in our DNA!

Richardson’s environmental policy is woven into the very fabric – the DNA, if you like – of our business. From the showroom floor to head office, our personnel in transport, manufacturing, procurement and sales – they all help us to save the world, all day and every day.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.

Richardson’s is committed to continually improving the sustainability of all environmental aspects within our business.

To meet both international standards and our own environmental targets we apply the three R’s principle; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

It is our duty as individuals!

Whilst recycling is the element which receives the most exposure it is actually the last option available and should never be the prime target in the battle to reduce waste.

It is our duty as individuals and as a company to initially attempt to Reduce usage. Then we should look to Reuse wherever possible and finally, only after these two processes have been exhausted should we consider Recycling.

Green Team!

A dedicated ‘green team’ has been established, creating an increasing number of jobs throughout the business who ensure we meet our goals and targets when it comes to sustainability.

Our Environmental Strategy is ongoing!

We understand that Nature is an ever-changing cyclical process, so we see our environmental strategy as an ongoing, evolutionary journey – a sequence of departures and returns that adapt and improve on each and every cycle.

Matching & Replacing Furniture

We provide office furniture solutions for the whole of the UK. Wherever possible we will utilise accredited sustainable products which help meet corporate and social responsibility needs for sustainable office furniture. As a company we also take pride in supplying Ergonomic Furniture and Innovative Furniture Design. We also repair, recycle and refurbish current office furniture and we stock second hand and second user office desks, office chairs and other office furniture.

Whether you are responsible for a large office requiring multiple desks, filing cabinets and a full compliment of office furniture, or require simple desks and computer chairs, our friendly staff are here to help

Associations & Accreditation’s

We will only ever supply furniture which has been manufactured and designed in conformity to the relevant British & European standards. Richardsons has been accredited with all of the following Associations & Accreditation’s.
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Environmental Policy Statement

Here at Richardsons Office Furniture we are 100% committed to ensuring we do the utmost to avoid environmental waste both internally & externally.
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