Thinking of Buying or Leasing a new Telephone System?

Richardson’s have a dedicated team of Telecommunication Experts on hand to help you choose the right system to suit not only your budget but also your working environment. We’ve helped our clients  cut costs by as much as 30% on both Line Rental & Call Costs.

If you would like us to provide you with a tailored communication solution we would be more than happy to come and do a full audit and cost analysis which is a totally free service. We will work with you to determine the right system that will enable you and your team to get the maximum benefit from your new system.

We replaced our old failing system with the NEC SV8100 with 60 VoIP phones across multiple areas in our business. We also increased our ISDN capacity to allow more inbound calls into the business so no more busy tone. Another year on we installed an extra 90 Cat5 points to expand our system even further which went without a single hitch – all work was done out of hours to avoid any unwanted down time.

CERTO – Adrian Stelling

So much choice! How do I choose?

Here at Richardson’s we understand choosing the right telephone system is going to be a major business decision you will make and you need to know you’re getting the right product and solution that will not only work now but grow with your business for years to come.  Therefore we work with the leading edge telephone providers ensuring we meet all your requirements at every step. We will appoint you with your very own Telecommunications Expert who will come out and assess your requirements, environment, budget and build a tailor-made package to suit you.

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NEC – A Brand you can trust

NEC have over 100 years of experience in enterprise to SMB business communications, IT and networking. In the UK, NEC has unsurpassed demonstration facilities in the heart of the country, or, with the ability to demonstrate systems on-site, at your convenience. This, plus state-of-the art technical training academy for engineers, and UK based technical support on all products and applications, makes for an enviable offering.

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Latest Technology as standard

The NEC SV8100 is a VoIP Centric telephone system that can operate with up to 512 VoIP telephones or IP devices. The system has the unique flexibility to operate with any mix of Digital (traditionally wired) and IP phones as required. This allows companies to add a handful of “mission critical” TDM telephones to enable continued phone operation in case of computer network or IP faults. Wired (TDM) and VoIP handsets are identical – users don’t know the difference. The system also has a unique IP networking feature. NetLink allows multiple SV8100 systems to merge via the WAN/LAN infrastructure, effectively allowing multiple sites to operate as one corporate telephone system. System voicemail, user profiles and configurations are used centrally, accessible from any site.

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Powerfully Versatile

  • The Small Office – Aggressively priced compared to other smaller systems, but with enormous scalability as your business grows.
  • The SMB – The SV8100 offers productivity and efficiency tools that are usually associated with more expensive large corporate systems.
  • The Call Centre – Powerful call management software ensures customer service levels, and your workforce, are optimised at all times.
  • The Branch Office – These can benefit from highly cost effective unique Netlink feature – allowing multiple systems to operate as one. Netlink also offers multiple business continuity options.
  • The Homeworker – The latest VoIP technology ensures costs are minimised, and access to system features are maximised.
  • The Mobile Worker – Whether on site or out in the field our comprehensive mobile connectivity solutions ensure a user is contactable whenever and wherever they are. Cutting edge features such as mobile extension are delivered with no additional costs.
  • Hotels & Hospitality – A range of specific features that will enhance a quests’ hospitality experience, while at the same time optimise staff efficiency.
  • Healthcare Environments – By simplifying and enhancing the communication process health professionals have more time to spend with patients. Response time is also improved substantially.
  • Specialised Professions – Legal and finance professions benefit from features such as call recording which is effortless, easily accessed and completely secure.


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NEC My Calls Call Centre Software

  •  MyCalls Call Centre is tightly integrated into this to provide supervisors with the controls, real-time visual cues and management information that are required to sustain high levels of call-handling efficiency.
  • ACD manages multiple queues on the telephone system distributing calls evenly, following a set of logical rules in an attempt to ensure that no individual is overloaded while others are idle, and that calls are routed to agents with the most relevant skill-set.
  • Activity display The MyCalls screen display gives a detailed real-time view not just of agent activity but also about key service parameters like numbers of callers in queue and call waiting times.
  • To ensure service levels are maintained supervisors can log additional agents into ACD queues from their own teams or from other departments, which offer similar skill-sets. This is all arranged simply and quickly from the supervisor’s MyCalls desktop.
  • Additional alarms are provided to help manage ACD activity efficiently, for example An aerial view of agent activity is ideal for supervisors and can be displayed on a plasma screen KEY BENEFITS
  • Increase Capability – Full call centre functionality built around NEC ACD technology enhances customer experience.
  • Raise Service Standards – Improved management control reduces caller delays in queues & delivers calls to those best able to help.
  • Maximise Agent Productivity – Managers have real-time information and activity reports essential to agent performance and training.
  • Performance management and skills training are enhanced by the detailed activity reports that are generated by MyCalls in conjunction with call recordings made using MyCalls Call Recorder. queue overflow warnings or maximum times that agents may remain in a given state, e.g., after call activities (often referred to as ‘wrap up’).
  • Supervisors are also able to select and configure performance statistics that can appear on the screens of their agents or on plasma wallboards to drive the achievement of agreed service standards

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NEC MyCall Benefits

  • Which Business would benefit from MyCalls? – Any business that uses telephony with their customers regardless of their size, its not just for call centres. Call recording is also ideal for doctors surgeries and financial companies who may need to access previous calls, solve disputes, etc.
  • Enhanced Call Handling – Improved call handling efficiency and customer service by presenting valuable caller details from company databases including Outlook, directly to users desktop before they answer the call. Speed dialling, extension BLF (busy lamp field) and full control of each call is available from the PC.
  • Programmable Alerts – A unique feature of MyCalls enables customisable parameters to be set by the supervisor. This provides various alerts such as levels or unanswered calls at one time; phones left of the hook; calls exceeding pre-set duration or answer time; agents not at their stations etc. This means a supervisor is only alerted when action is required.
  • Respond to busy periods – Allows your staff to respond to fluctuations in call volumes by logging themselves in to assist other sales staff.

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Since installing the NEC SV8100 along with MyCalls and Wall Board we’ve seen a 30% increase on the amount of inbound calls answered throughout the day, we can also see which extensions has answered the most calls so we can put in extra support where necessary to deal with customer demands.