Play Desking



Visually distinctive, uncluttered and obvious, Play is an exciting, stand alone, modular desking system, which is well engineered and offers the highest level of design and detailing.

It is undoubtedly a simple concept, but this simplicity belies the high level of tooling involved in its construction.

Click here to request a FREE sample or up to date offer price

Click here to request a FREE sample or up to date offer price

Play is designed to be easily configurable and has functionality at its ‘heart’. It is available with a variety of single desk top options and comprises of non-handed components, thus simplifying installation. With a minimalistic under frame, Play’s most distinguishable feature is the way the legs ‘splay’ out to provide an extremely strong platform from which to work. There is also the option for a height adjustable leg.

But Play is not just a desk, it is a full system of products including screening, accessories, wire management and storage.

Play has been designed with a functional and visibly pleasing screen system, which is an integral part of the design, because as well as acting as a partition they also work as a tool rail. There is also a range of bespoke and brightly coloured accessories which can be positioned anywhere along the screen.

The wire management system offers a unique way to locate monitors and power data, with the customised utility port affording the strength to support a flat screen monitor arm and a surface power and data module.

Also adding character and style to the system are the storage options, which includes a desk top storage bin designed specifically for Play. The bin is lockable and can be removed from the desk making it suitable for hot desking environments or call centres. There is also a comprehensive selection of mobile pedestals which offer heavy duty drawer mechanisms.

Click here to request a FREE sample or up to date offer price