DDA Compliant Height Adjustable Desking


Height Adjustable

Height Adjustable Desks, Wheelchair User Tables, Tilting Top Tables, Electric Desks and Sit Stand Tables & Desks are changing the way we work. The mandatory DDA regulations affecting disabled workers must now be taken into consideration but also the modern office where flexible working, hot desking and enhanced staff morale, added to a styled working environment, benefits both employer and employee inducing creative work flow and increased productivity.

Richardson’s have endeavored to source the quality and functionality to provide a world class range of affordable height adjustable tables standing desks and ergonomic height adjustable desks. We can offer a variety of mechanisms from fully electrically powered motorized height adjustable desks with memory control to crank handle and manually adjustable variable height set and forget desk units.

We can offer Height Adjustable Tables with many additional features and a Height Adjustable Table fully suitable for any disability requirements. A full range of Height Adjustable Desks, Height Adjustable ESD Workbenches, Laptop Desks, Height Adjustable Desk Frames, Height Adjustable Table Frames and Height Adjustable Tables of innovative and elegant designs as standard, with complimentary top sizes and styles and an unequaled range of finishes.

Click here to request a FREE sample or up to date offer price

Click here to request a FREE sample or up to date offer price

Electric Height Adjustable Tables improve comfort and productivity in Offices & Home Offices, Training Centres, Schools, Colleges & Universities, Banks & Building Societies, Laboratories, Libraries, Showrooms, Drawing Offices, Hospitals & Doctor`s Surgeries, Reception Area’s & Public Access Buildings, Central Government Departments, Local Government & County Councils Meeting Rooms Control Rooms, Computer Suites and Disabled Kitchen requirements.

Individuals are rarely the same height, so therefore would it not be better to have an adjustable computer table which could be the perfect height for whoever was sitting or standing at it? Ideal for therapists who need to work closely with their client`s

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