UFFIX – Yo Range

Think smart, work easy.

To live the working environment in a flexible and smart way in a customised habitat. This is the design which inspired Yo, the innovative furniture system which corresponds to several functional and operational needs. A concept crossly addressed to all levels of the working environment: workstation, open space, meeting area, executive and reception. The different metal typologies and side panels describe the versatile and polyhedral character of YO. A dynamic system which easily adapts to spaces in continuous evolution.

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The stylish cast aluminium foot, with fluid and dynamic shape allows the height adjustment of the desks, favouring the operational flexibility. The aesthetic precision of the shapes and lightness of volumes promote the usability and natural interaction in the workspace. Numerous studies have demonstrated the beneficial effect of light and colour on our body. The colour is a sensory experience perceived by our senses in the form of energy that affects our emotions and out moods. The partition screens by YO, with optional rear LED lighting system, allow getting colour balance different from time to time.

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