Media & Storage Walls

Richardson’s storage wall offers unlimited scope to create an efficient storage system for any office environment. Out storage walls are design to maximise and use the floor to ceiling height , which allows for more storage capacity for filing, general office storage or to be used as a media wall. An office partition system, with storage capacity built in.

Storage wall from Richardson’s allows flexible configurations with an array of unit styles that meet the demands of today’s dynamic businesses. Each system is individually designed to fit from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall, maximising the amount of space available. The use of room dividing units and pass through doors enhance the versatility as well as eliminating the cost, time and space in creating additional walls or partitions.

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The use of different unit styles allow the customer to seamlessly integrate with the storage around them, to provide a solution that best fits their needs. Oracle’s can future proof any investment as it is easily dismantled and reconfigured offering flexibility and longevity. Storage wall is backed by FIRA Gold product certification and a comprehensive 10 year guarantee, offering peace of mind now and in the future.

A storage wall systems offers the unique blend of modular space planning footprints with the flexibility of bespoke frontages, that are tailored to each customer’s needs. The units can be designed to fit around elements within the building structure as well as keeping a fluid feel to the working environment. Many different levels of interaction and privacy can be incorporated not only within an office but to an individual wall of cupboards.

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